69 Feng Shui tips to harmonise the energy of your home

General Feng Shui for your entire House

  1. Do what feels right to you. Trust your intuition. Even if it goes against one of the Feng Shui rules listed below. Your intuition is always right in a given situation at a given moment.
  2. Use natural materials in your home. This will invite the positive energy of nature into your home. Whereas synthetic materials will invite health issues into your home...
  3. Eliminate clutter. Do this in every part of your house and garden: rooms, attic, cellar, garage, garden shed, ... Eliminate everything you don’t use and/or don’t like. Give it away, sell it or throw it away. You'll feel lighter, think clearer, lose some weight and get rid of headaches. 
  4. Clean out closets and drawers too. I know, for most of us, out of side means out of mind. But that doesn’t count in Feng Shui. Hidden clutter is still clutter, thus negative and blocked energy, and you don’t want that in your home.
  5. Find a place for everything you use. Being organized will save you a lot of time: the time you usually spent on searching things that don’t have a place.
  6. Wipe the dust and spider webs away. They represent low, stagnant, and blocked energy, and you don’t want that in your home, do you?
  7. Clean your house in every little corner. Don’t forget to clean under, above and behind your furniture (if possible).
  8. Bring in strong vibrant energy when you eliminate low energy. Strong energy is represented by the things you love like music, flowers, scented candles, ... Use these when you clean out negative energy like clutter, dust, spider webs, ... And be sure to have enough light around, do not clean out negative energy in the dark, because it will drain out to much of your own energy.
  9. Use appropriate lighting in every room of your house. Light is the strongest manifestation of energy, which makes it our number 1 nutrient. Be careful with the use of candles and be sure to buy candles without toxins.
  10. Don’t stay/work/sit/lay with your back to a door or a window. If that’s not possible, put up a mirror that reflects the door or the window. It’s important for your piece of mind to see what’s coming at you (otherwise you’ll feel in “danger”).
  11. Don’t stay/work/sit/lay in direct alignment with a doorway or window. That’s where chi comes into the room.
  12. Don’t stay/work/sit/lay in the line between a doorway and / or window. That’s how chi travels through the room.
  13. Don’t stay/work/sit/lay under something that hangs over your head. Think of chandeliers, ceiling fans, bookshelves, beams ... They’ll make you feel unsafe.
  14. Replace sharp-edged furniture that you bump into with furniture that has rounded edges. Otherwise yourreptilian brain will think that your home is not a safe place to be.
  15. Get rid of furniture you don’t use. Imagine energy as water flowing into the room: all furniture represents an obstacle for the flow of the water, i.e. the flow of the energy. Restricting the chi’s flow restricts your opportunities.
  16. Remove from sight anything that is or even looks like a weapon. That counts for the knifes in your kitchen, the scissors on your desk, your grandpa’s antique riffle, pictures of weapons, ...
  17. Remove from sight anything that is or represents death and/or sacrifice. Dried flowers, pictures of dead people, Christ-crosses ...
  18. Fix what's broken. 
  19. Repair or get rid of clocks that aren’t working. Otherwise you’ll have the impression that time is missing or standing still.
  20. Repair any leaks in your house and garden. Otherwise your money and health will “leak” away too.
  21. Keep your trash cans clean and closed. Don’t forget to empty them regularly.
  22. Play music. Music activates energy and is food for your soul.
  23. Hang your dreams on your walls, not your nightmares.
  24. Make your own magic Feng Shui frame. Make a frame that’s divided into 9 squares that represent the 9 Feng Shui areas of your life, like a bagua, and draw/picture your dreams in each square.
  25. Use colors in your house. Bright colors like yellow and orange stimulate us. Blue and lavender relax us. Earth colors make us feel stable.
  26. Use a lot of plants. Plants represent grow, prosperity and good luck.
  27. Take care of your plants. Don’t keep sick or dead plants in your house. When a plant gets sick, you can expect trouble in the corresponding Feng Shui area of your life...
  28. Only use plants with round coins. Don’t keep a collection of cactuses or other plants with sharp leaves.
  29. Create an organic vegetable, fruit and herb garden. Organic food that lands straight from your garden on your plate is loaded with positive energy from nature. Food you buy in stores has lost a big part of that energy because it decreases over time. Plus, if you cultivate your food with love, that will give it an extra positive energy. You’ll find tips to create a vegetable garden at Potagic
  30. Use aromas, scents, fresh flowers and candles. Smells activate chi (energy).
  31. If you're single and looking for a partner, create space for him/her in your house. It’s especially important to create space for two in the bedroom and bathroom: empty a drawer or a part of a closet.

Feng Shui for your Entry

  1. Make your entryway welcoming. This is the way chi (energy) comes in, and so are opportunities. Don’t block them. This is also the first impression others get of who you are.
  2. Don’t put a mirror on the wall that faces the entryway. All incoming energy will be reflected back out.
  3. Make your mailbox bright, colorful, funny and eye catching. You’ll get more mail (and more orders if your business is home based).

Feng Shui for your Kitchen: the heart of your house and the keeper of your home’s soul

  1. Create abundance by filling op your food stock.
  2. Plug the drains of your kitchen sink with rubber stops when you’re not using them. By leaving these drains open good energy (and money and health) drain out of your home. 
  3. Put your kitchen in the health area of your home. I know, this one is a bit tricky...
  4. Position your oven, stove and sink so that you can see the door and windows whilst working at them.
  5. Use the color yellow in your kitchen. This color stimulates a good digestion.
  6. Get nature into your kitchen. Display fresh foods and grow fresh herbs in your kitchen. Bring the wonderful smell of basil, thyme, mint, lavender or rosemary into your kitchen. Grow them in earthenware containers (avoid metal or plastic containers). Find out more about growing herbs in the section Aromatic plants
  7. Don’t cook if you feel negative emotions. That negative energy will pass into the food you’re preparing.
  8. Use round plates. Round shaped plates have a harmonious flow energy. Square shaped plates have a slower, more grounding energy. 
  9. Use the right color for your plates. White plates are a good foundation for the food that’s served on them. Blue plates are a good choice if you’d like to lose weight. Red, orange and yellow plates will stimulate your appetite.
  10. Always keep your kitchen clean and bright. This is very important for your health.

Feng Shui for your Bathroom : minimize their energy leaks

  1. Keep your toilet lid down (before flushing) and plug your drains with a rubber stop when you don’t use them. By leaving these drains open good energy (and money and health) drain out of your home. 
  2. Use several sources of lighting. A soft light when you’ve just opened your eyes, an energizing light when you want to get your eyes open, and candles when you’re taking a relaxing bath.
  3. Use scents and oils. Choose relaxing or energizing scents and oils depending on the result you’re trying to get by taking a bath.
  4. Transform your bathroom into a spa. Make it a nice place to take a relaxing bath whilst enjoying some music, a good book or some excellent company / champagne.
  5. Ventilate your bathroom. Healthy air is very important for a healthy bathroom and thus a healthy you.
  6. Keep your bathroom very clean and well ordered. Although this counts for every place in your house or garden, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clean and ordered.
  7. Hide your laundry basket and don’t let your laundry pile up.

Feng Shui for your Bedroom

  1. Get all things by two (nightstands, lamps, pictures, statues ...). That way your love life will be balanced.
  2. Use bright red, white, or bright green bed linens. This brings more passion into your bedroom. Don’t use red bed linens all the time though or your romance could burn up.
  3. Place pictures or images of couples in love across from the entryway and across from the foot of the bed. These are the two most important locations for visual stimulation in your bedroom. 
  4. Use different levels of lighting in your bedroom. This way you can adjust the level of lighting to your mood and activities.
  5. Don’t mix work and pleasure. Don’t put your desk or computer in your bedroom. If you can’t do otherwise, use a screen or a curtain to get your desk out of sight.
  6. Don’t mix work-outs and pleasure. Store your sports equipment elsewhere (in the Feng Shui health area of your house) and you’ll have to work less on your relationship.
  7. Don’t use mirrors in your bedroom. If you can’t remove them, cover them. They reflect your energy which makes it more difficult to sleep. They reflect you and/or your partner, that’s not the way to go if you just want to be the two of you...
  8. Don’t put a television in your bedroom. A television acts like a mirror.
  9. Don’t put any electronic gadgets in your bedroom. They emit radiations that disrupt sleep. Yes, that includes your cell phone...
  10. Keep the bed accessible from the 2 sides. So the two of you can climb in it.
  11. Place the head of the bed against a wall. That will give you a sense of security.
  12. Don’t store stuff under your bed.
  13. Don’t use plants in your bedroom. They liberate carbon monoxide during the night.
  14. Don’t put your bedroom under, on top of or next to something that has a drain.
  15. Open your windows every day. A clean fresh air full of oxygen is important for your health and the quality of your sleep.

Feng Shui for your Small rooms

  1. Even small rooms should be filled with light. If they don’t have a window, be sure to place a bright lamp in small rooms like dressings.
  2. Add mirrors to make a small room look bigger. This will give you more space for opportunities in the corresponding area of your life.

Feng Shui for your Garden

  1. Attract wildlife in your garden. Make shelters/food for birds, insects, frogs ... You’ll attract more energy around your house.

8 bonus Feng Shui tips for your You (yes, for You)

  1. Wear green cloths regularly. That’s the color of health, for your mind and your body.
  2. Wear pink if you feel angry. Pink melts away anger.
  3. Write down your intentions on white paper with a red ink.
  4. Keep your attention on your intentions.
  5. Use affirmations. Writethem down, and hang them in different places where you can read them often.
  6. Have an open mind. You’ll see more opportunities.
  7. Eat healthy, organic food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Nature’s energy will do miracles for your health and wellbeing.
  8. Do yoga ! Yoga activates the energy flows of your body and mind.Take a look at Yoga & Zen to learn how to practice yoga at home.

69 feng shui tips for more zen energy at home